“Unique, quality, safe”

The Jumping® PROFI trampoline J6H130 is perfectly described by three words: unique, quality, safe. This trampoline was created so that it meets all safety requirements and absolutely satisfies the needs of Jumping®. Simply put, jumping on it will be a breeze for you.

The trampoline consists of high-quality materials, it has a hexagonal pipe steel skeleton, supporting handlebars for increasing the safety and higher jumping dynamics. The system of special strings suspension is secured by rubber ropes with polypropylene coating decreasing wear and tear. The entire structure of the trampoline is supported by six steel legs. The Jumping® PROFI trampoline J6H130 is practical when carrying, its overall weight is just 13 kg. The trampoline has a bearing capacity of up to 150 kg.

The high quality of the trampolines is also confirmed by the obtained quality and safety certificate of the worldwide renowned company TÜV SÜD providing independent verification and certification.

Jumping® on the Jumping® PROFI trampoline J6H130 that does not burden your health, it has a beneficial effect on the joints and the spine.


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