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JUMPING® FUSION - Slovakia, Hlohovec
07/08/2021 - 08/08/2021

Price:145 €


Jumping(R) Fusion Certificate


A two-day training course consisting of four parts focused on different types of workout, especially on interval exercise. You will also use

Jumping(R) expanders and sliders and learn workout choreographies, how to choose suitable exercises and their combinations and how to use the acquired knowledge right after the training course.

In the training course instructors will learn how to flexibly change the lesson structure depending on the chosen Fusion module. Thus after completing the training course the instructors are able to offer a different type of a Jumping(R) lessons focused more on full body workout conducted in an efficient and entertaining form.

After completing the whole training course each participant will obtain a Jumping(R) Fusion Certificate.


Training course modules:


Application of different parts of HIIT (High Intensity Interval

Training) in a Jumping(R) lesion.

Tabata, EMOM, AMRAP. You will be explained all these HIIT types, practice them and learn how to create them and include them in a

Jumping(R) lession.

Focus on short-range motion with a high number of repetitions and combinations.


Isometric exercises including those using your own bodyweight. You will be explained this type contractions exercise, and how to use it as a dynamic exercise to music in a Jumping(R) lession.

Use of expanders and sliders.

Sliders and expanders are a great aid. Light, portable and effective.

You will apply the theoretical knowledge acquired during the Saturday part of the training course with the use of these aids and learn more exercises and how to properly use them.

Independent inspirational workout with Jumping(R) expanders.

We will use expanders to create a balancing workout song; we will inspire each other and evaluate chosen exercises.


Every participant will receive:

- one pair of sliders

- one pair of expanders

- one Jumping FUSION singlet

- a manual

- a certificate of successful completion of the training course


Address of the Jumping® center:

HC Gym

Bernoláková 73

920 01 Hlohovec

Telefon: +421 907 140 629