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The first requirement for becoming an active Jumping instructor is - naturally - physical fitness, strength and conditioning. If you are already active as a group instructor in some form, you can certainly adapt your knowledge and experience to Jumping. However, if you have had a career as, for example, a dancer, it is likely that you also already have a good basis for becoming a successful Jumping instructor.

The basic pre-requisite for providing Jumping courses is a successfully completed Jumping BASIC training program, in which you will learn the basic steps and the individual exercises.

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List of trainings

Here you will find the list of all Jumping® training all around the world.

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Jumping World Team

By passing the Jumping® BASIC training, you will obtain a lot of new information, experience but also friends. You can join us and become a member of the unique Jumping® World Team that will allow you to move forward, improve, and gain inspiration in Jumping®.

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