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Jumping® Trampoline Excellent "Adventure" - PINK

Product description

We introduce JUMPING® EXCELLENT "Adventure" trampoline after a facelift of the previous product line.

The new trampoline is even more beautiful and more practical. Unlike the first version, this trampoline can be folded in Portable #beflexi bag for the Trampoline Excellentl! Does not that sound great? It weighs less than 13,5 kg! It is literarily an excellent piece of equipment.


+ Stainless bottom of the handlebar
+ 8x quick release clamp 
+ Portable #beflexi bag for the Trampoline Excellent
+ Straps

But it is not only these parameters what make this trampoline stand out among fitness products for home use.

The skeleton of Excellent trampolines is made from a 2 mm thick round steel pipe which ensures high solidity and stiffness.
The entire family can jump on this trampoline with a bearing capacity of up to 110 kg.

The trampoline frame consists of six separate parts including 28.5 cm high solid legs. All these parts are assembled together with special clamp holders which provide the trampoline with stability. The legs are ended with special rubber extensions which protect all kinds of surfaces against damage and do not leave ugly streaks behind. 


Specifications of JUMPING® EXCELLENT trampoline "Adventure"


  • Handlebar: Made from a 2 mm thick steel round tube. The handlebar consists of three parts attached together with clamp holders similarly as the trampoline frame. The advantage of these handlebars is their variable adjustability to adapt to the jumper’s height. The handlebar holder is firmly attached to the trampoline with screws, which provides the trampoline with excellent stability. Bottom of the handlebar is made from strainless steel.
  • Trampoline mat: Made from a special polypropylene UV-resistant fabric. The mat is enclosed by a 5 cm wide luminescent green rim. The trampoline spokes have 42 pieces of mesh through which special stirrups are threaded. A flexible rubber rope is attached to these stirrups.
  • Rubber rope:    The rope is 7 mm in diameter. It has a special polyethylene monofilament with low ductility and high bonding strength. Each end is attached to a stirrup and secured by a collet to prevent unhitching. This comfortable system provides unique suspension for the trampoline mat and can be very easily replaced if damaged.
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