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JUMPING® Trampoline Light

Product description

This trampoline is the smallest in size from those we offer but you will be pleasantly surprised by its solidity and smooth bounce.


The Jumping® Light trampoline is made of a top-quality material – the 2 mm thick round steel pipe ensures high solidity and stiffness of the frame.

The frame consists of 6 solid legs ended with special rubber attachments. These extensions do not leave streaks behind and protect any kind of surface against damage. The trampoline legs are 28.5 cm tall.

At its farthest point the trampoline is 120 cm long with the bouncing area diagonal of 83 cm which makes the trampoline much easier to transport or store in the house. Ladies will appreciate its weight which is only 11 kg with the maximum bearing capacity of 110 kg.


Trampoline Specification


Supporting Handlebars: Handlebars are made from a 2 mm thick square tube. An advantage is the high-strength attachment to the trampoline frame with an adjustable 2-level hand support.


Trampoline mat: The trampoline mat is made of a special UV-resistant polypropylene fabric. The jumping area is enclosed by a 5 cm wide bright-green rim. The LIGHT trampoline has 42 eyelets through which an 11.5 m long elastic rope is threaded.


Rubber rope: The rope is 10 mm in diameter. It has a special polyethylene monofilament characterised by low dilatability and high clamping force. An advantage is also its increased abrasion resistance.


Material: Steel frame
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