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The structure of this trampoline is made of a material of the highest quality, namely a steel round profile, whose wall thickness of 2 mm secures high strength and rigidity. Part of the structure is also 6 strong legs ended with a special rubber extension. This extension does not leave smears and protects all surfaces against damage. The trampoline legs are 28.5 cm tall. The trampoline bearing capacity is up to 150 kg, while its weight does not exceed 13 kg




SUPPORTING HANDLEBARS: They are made of a square profile of thickness 2 mm. An advantage is a variable adjustability according to the jumper’s height.

TRAMPOLINE MAT: They are formed by a special polypropylene fabric that excels with UV radiation resistance. The impact area is bordered by a luminous green rim, the width of which is 5 cm. The STANDARD PLUS trampoline has 78 lugs, through which a 19.5 m long rubber rope is threaded.

RUBBER ROPE: Its diameter is 10 mm. The rope has a special polyethylene monofilament that excels with low dilatability and high clamping force. An undisputable bonus is also its increased resistance to abrasion.

Material: Steel frame
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