Jumping® Trampoline For Kids

Testing standard:  ČSN EN 71-14

For children up to 14 years of age


This trampoline was designed especially for kids.
We have developed this trampoline in reliance on nearly twenty years of experience we have in the manufacture of trampolines. As parents of young kids, we contributed with our own knowledge and observations.


Our own children helped us develop this trampoline to a standard compliant with all required parameters.

Safety is first to us, but functionality and practicality are the most distinct features of this beauty.


The Jumping trampoline for kids complies with the standard ČSN EN 71-14 (Toy safety: Trampolines for home use)


Trampoline frame: The frame consists of six independent parts. The package includes 14 connecting pieces including socket screws. The whole trampoline is assembled with the use of these connecting pieces and FIRMLY fastened with a wrench. For details see the enclosed instructions. The trampoline legs are inserted in the connecting pieces and fastened with an eccentric screw. Handlebar height can be adjusted with the use of the same system as per your preference.  The legs have special rubber attachments at the ends that protect against floor surface damage and do not leave any ugly streaks.     

Jumping mat: is made of special polypropylene fabric that excels in UV resistance. The jumping mat is enclosed by a 5 cm wide black hem.

Rubber rope: the rubber rope has a special polyethylene monofilament with low ductility and high clamping force. Each end is attached to a stirrup and secured by a collet to prevent unhitching. This comfortable system provides unique suspension for the trampoline mat while the individual parts of the elastic rope can be very easily replaced if worn out or damaged.

Handrails: Made from a 2 mm thick round steel profile. The handlebar consists of three parts attached together with connecting pieces, similarly as the frame. The advantage of these handlebars is their variable adjustability to adapt to the jumper’s height. The handlebar holder is firmly attached to the trampoline, which ensures excellent stability. The bottom part of the holder is made of stainless steel which prevents ugly scratches.


Safety padding: Can be attached to the trampoline frame with a simple manoeuvre.
The padding is filled with Mirelon foam covered with inner green artificial leather; complaint with standard EN 71-3:2013-TOY SAFETY.

Technical data:

  • Diagonal frame diameter: 123cm
  • Diagonal jumping mate diameter: 90cm
  • Above-ground frame height including support legs: 29cm
  • Trampoline weight: 10kg
  • Maximum bearing capacity: 25kg
  • Rubber rope diameter: 7mm
  • Padding width: 20cm / height: 1cm


Inspection and maintenance:
Visually check all trampoline parts before each exercise.
We recommend having the trampoline checked by a mechanic 2times a year.

If you find any defects in the trampoline, prevent its further use and contact a mechanic.  

Warranty terms:
The manufacturer provides a warranty of 24 moths from the acceptance of the product. The warranty does not cover usual wear and tear of parts (rubber rope and trampoline mat).


The trampoline can be used by only one person at a time.
Excessive exercise or incorrect use of the trampoline may cause injury.
Maintenance and repairs should be always provided by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer: JSTB International, s.r.o., Petrská 29, 110 00, Praha 1
ID no.: 281 35 466, Tax ID no.: CZ28135466
You can contact us at: office@jumping-fitness.com, Phone: +420 601 188 868