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JUMPING® training


This is a programme that has been verified over the years and was developed by the founders, Jana and Tomáš, both of whom completed studies at the Charles University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport with a degree in sport and fitness. Based on their years of experience and knowledge, they have put together a comprehensive programme for earning the Jumping BASIC diploma.

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 After completing the training, you will receive a certificate, which will make you qualified to conduct Jumping lessons. In our training, you will learn the theoretical basics of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and music. A large part of the training is also practical and involves trying out combinations of the knowledge you have learned and practical exercises on the trampoline.

The training, which is led by carefully vetted and qualified master trainers, lasts two days and ends with a final exam. Individual Jumping BASIC diploma training sessions are conducted in different languages, especially English, Spanish and Czech.

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                By completing the Jumping® BASIC training, you will gain a lot of new information, experience and friends. You can join us, register as an instructor and become a member of the unique Jumping World Team, which will enable you to further evaluate your Jumping skills and to improve them and gain new inspiration.

Unique benefits of an annual membership in the Jumping World Team:

·         Two DVDs of sample classes to assist with expanding jumping skillsets

·         Four CDs with perfect music for Jumping.

·         Two pieces of unique Jumping® activewear.

·         Exclusive access to the closed group “Jumping Online” with exclusive content, new videos, music and graphics.

·         You will also gain admission to a closed Facebook group.

·         Eligible to be an instructor for our promo shows and Jumping® Party.

Price: EUR 10 per month

Join us, and become the first to learn about news and upcoming Jumping® events. Join us in developing Jumping Fitness and enjoy the never ending fun!

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