Jumping® Fashion

Hi everyone,

This post is mainly for girls :-)


We experiment, test, look for new materials and try to listen to you :-), over and over again.

It is probably more than clear that we cannot please everyone. One nation is “shorter”, another is “taller”, some prefer wearing loose clothes some like tight clothing … It’s fun :-)

But believe us, we keep our eyes and ears open to meet your preferences. Plus, AS A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE, ALL OUR CLOTHING IS SOLELY CZECH-MADE, so our manufacture is not as quick as Chinese assembly lines …

We are withdrawing some older types of leggings from the current collection now while adding popular lose tops with a black elastic band, sweatpants, snapback caps with a 2D logo, men’s hoodies etc.

Just to give you some idea: IT TOOK EIGHT MONTHS from the moment when the design of the men’s hoodie was drawn until the final sample was made!!!

A: We constantly fine tune the samples, paying attention even to tiny details which, as we know, PLAY A GREAT ROLE … B: We need to fit within the manufacturing capacity limits.

But I don’t mind repeating constantly one thing: I’ll rather wait for the seamstresses to make the clothes for me, knowing WHO, HOW and FROM WHAT made it.


Recently we have photographed our new collection so you can check it out in our e-shop at www.jumping-fashion.com

For more than one year we have worked with a new photographer Standa. Photo shoots are fun with him. We do not pretend anything and we all enjoy them.

And if you also enjoy wearing our clothes, just show off and send us your photo or tag us in your posts:





Looking forward to seeing your pics:-)