Jumping® Meeting - Lipno 2018

Hi everyone!

Absentees made a big mistake :-). Wondering what I’m talking about? Well, the Jumping Meeting at Lipno, of course!

The thing is … it was a great event and we all enjoyed it to the max :-).

So what did you miss actually?

We booked a whole hotel in Lipno nad Vltavou for you. A well-tested hotel, one of our favourite ones. Not only is the hotel owned and run by a friendly family which gives the place a nice and relaxed atmosphere, but it is also well situated in nature where it is tough to be bored, especially with us.

The Jumping Meeting – Everything Under One Roof was an all-weekend event which all of us attended. And when I say all of us I really mean it :-)

ALL master trainers!!! The whole Office Team, Tomáš, myself and many of you :-)

I should mention that the event was attended also by Jumping enthusiasts from Korea, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

So what was going on there? Anything you can imagine, that’s my feeling :-)

I arrived at Lipno with my colleague Braňo already on Thursday and we got down to work right away - starting to prepare the meeting room, restaurant, bar … to give the whole place a Jumping atmosphere. The bar was decorated with flags of countries where you can visit Jumping places … By the way, it’s not exactly an easy job to hang almost 60 flags. So occassionaly we had to refresh ourselves with a bit of Prosecco.

Everything had to be in its place.

Logoed drink stirrers and saucers under coffee cups, paw print stickers marking the way to the bar, balloons, Jumping bean bag chairs designed exclusively for the event. Couchettes in the same style as the bean bag chairs.

Candles, flowers, presents in rooms for all participants, even for the youngest ones - little plush bunny Charlie instead of an exercise bottle.

And so on and so forth. The two days passed so quickly for Braňo and me, running like water, as we say in Czech (or Prosecco, more exactly :))… And then Friday comes.

Nearly 100 trampolines are in the place including a tent which will be our shelter if the weather is bad (and it actually was bad :-))… and our Jumping fans start appearing cheerfully…

We kicked off on Friday with the first Jumping mix by Nalí and Enrique. It was a great start, giving me goose bumps and the feeling that … THIS IS WHAT I’M LIVING FOR. This is the right thing.

I was so immensely happy. Everybody was delighted, satisfied, everything was simply COOL!

A competition followed right after the first Jumping session … If you don’t like competitions involving moderate alcohol consumption, please skip this paragraph :-)

I nearly peed myself laughing :-)

Just imagine: 6 teams, a long slippery canvas covered with soap water and a table full of shots at the far edge.

Three, two, one, GO! The first team starts the game. A jump and a long slide on the soaped canvas towards the table. Can I manage?! Gotta get there crawling. … HUGE FUN … Now stand up, take a shot … and then a running jump and a loooong slide. Baton passed, another runner goes.

Incredible fun! You can find and enjoy videos on our official Facebook page! This game brought us all closer to each other.

The evening was relaxing with a glass of wine and some yummies. But restaurant was almost empty before midnight. The reason was obvious…

After a breakfast at seven the speakers were up loud again from eight in the morning.

A sequence of lessons and Jumping workshops by Kuba & Kuba followed. The pace was unbelievable. One top trainer after another appearing on the stage. All master trainers, myself, Tom … Simply awesome, totally exciting.

And we kept on going like this until 8 p.m.!!! All respect!!!

Simultaneously, a bit more quiet programme was going on in the conference room where a meeting with distributors was held. Who are distributors? Our right-hand men and women in different countries in the world. Those who care for the development of our Jumping brand in the respective areas. Our sales team just overwhelmed them with a whole bunch of information … so they joined us jumping from time to time to relax a little bit.

In the evening we had a beautiful buffet-style dinner with traditional Czech food and decorations, offering all kinds of Czech specialities.

After the dinner we moved all eager to a garden bar. Balloons, balls, bean bag chairs, couchettes, flags, high trampolines instead of tables, launch of a new Jumping calendar, lighting candles on a cake, a Prosecco toast, Míra DJing. A bar full of great drinks and Czech beer on the tap. This evening could not be anything but GREAT.

The party was going on all night long.

To my huge surprise, a lot of enthusiastic Jumpers and partiers were up and ready for the last morning Jumping mix with Kuba.

And that’s all from me about this super weekend:-)