2017 in numbers

Words cannot describe the feeling when we see “our” trampolines around the whole world, improving and changing your lives. Seeing our trampolines making you happy, giving you the opportunity to make new friends, to meet the love of your life, making you lose those unwanted pounds or getting you so fit that you could run faster than Usain Bolt (if you just wanted to – I know you don’t right now). Love cannot be described in words. And we love our trampolines and know that we have a great team of people who really like their work.

  • 10,480 Jumping® PROFI trampolines were distributed to all corners of the world,

  • 1,204 newJumping Basic instructors were trained,

  • 1,190 orders for trampolines, accessories and spare parts were successfully handled.

It all starts with a pile of pipes. A few hours later the frame is moved to the paint shop. The beautiful matte black paint covers up the solid skeleton and - all of a sudden - a frame of a splendid hexagonal trampoline appears in front of your eyes. At that point, specialists in the production line get involved in their leather gloves, stringing one trampoline after another. A protective packaging is then put on completed trampolines which are shipped to the warehouse from where they are sent, one by one, to the world to face new adventures.

From that point on, it’s you who write the story of each trampoline.