FIBO Already for the Fifth Time

I can finally sink into the soft seat of my car and depart for Cologne. As every year around this time.

Catalogues, leaflets, flags, clothes, coffee machine, wristbands, stamps… An endless imaginary list is running through my head. Hopefully, we have everything. Let’s go to FIBO, already for the fifth time!

What is actually FIBO? FIBO is a leading international fair for wellness, fitness, and health. It started already in 1985 when I was barely one year old :-). The fair is spread over an area of 160,000 square metres.

And how do I see FIBO?

I have visited many fairs in various parts of the world. Rimini. Odessa. Orlando. Tel Aviv. London. Toronto. Paris. Madrid. But honestly, I have to say that as far as professionalism and the net effect for the visitors are concerned, FIBO is unbeatable. And that is the reason why it stays at the world’s number one among fairs.

For a comparison. In 2011, we participated in FIBO for the first time. A small, humble booth in the corner of the hall. But that year was a BREAKTHROUGH one for us. In that year, we introduced completely new trampolines of our own production for the first time. Yes, the HEXAGON so popular today.

The more successful we are the more trampoline companies are created around us. And because people are lazy, the new trampolines are very similar to our trampoline :-). Fortunately, we are not just a trampoline company. We are a programme and a team. A team of dedicated people who do what they do with pleasure and enthusiasm.

This year, we were so excited at FIBO that we had a booth with an area of nearly 100 square metres right next to the main stage.
The optics were complemented by DJ Mira, with whom we have been cooperating for years. We had the trampolines backlit with LED strips of the same shape.

What needs to be emphasised is the non-standard design of the booth’s shell. In cooperation with a designer firm, something combining large hexagonal eyes lit through with lights was created under the lead of MgA. Deyl. The result was INGENIOUS.

As soon as the first day of the fair commenced on Thursday morning, the aisles between the booths were filled with people. Those crowds are similar to pop legend concert crowds.

At that moment, my heart is sprinting. The reason are not the overcrowded aisles but our Jumping team. Now you can really see how dedicated every one of them is to Jumping. They shine. Their energy literally flies in all directions.
Me, Tomas, and our amazing Master Team, we are ready on the trampolines in the original Jumping collection to show what true Jumping actually is. Mira plays the first song from the DJ counter and our bodies start moving in the rhythm. Whoever you look at, we all have smiles like bananas. The booth is surrounded by a fixed standing crowd that chants into the rhythm. They cheer, whistle, wave the Jumping flags that our team is giving out. They take pictures and videos. And we on the trampolines cannot be put to shame and jump to the point of exhaustion. This pace. You can and want to withstand this all-day jumping only when you love it.

We do not need a team to hire and pay for jumping the stage arrangement 2x and show up at the booth 3x.

We as the company owners will jump through it all ourselves. Because we can do it. And those boys behind us? Some of them have been with us from the very beginning.
At FIBO, day interlaces with another. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We have gone through several tens of hours at the booth. We have gone through several stage performances. 11 minutes in a row at a frenetic pace. We have been training for months to get coordinates. And you know what??? It has paid off. It is great that we have been returning to the same stage every year and I dare to say we are getting better and better.

Paradoxically, I have to thank those who copy us so much. You have been driving us forward at a surreal rate. We are so good also thanks to you. :-)

On Sunday evening, after the end of FIBO, we have our bodies lying on the trampolines. The sales team is silent and sucking Halls after 4 days of talking and presenting. But we all enter our cars with the large banana in the place of a smile. 

The reverberations of FIBO last for about 4 months. Orders keep coming in. Phones are ringing. Then it is time to work on the next year again. 

FIBO 2018, look forward to seeing us. We are already looking forward to seeing you. :-)