.... about the use of Jumping® logo

Every day I look at this pile of my pink sticky notes which remind me of all my backlogs :-D. But today I feel I could throw one of these notes away.
The one which says: “A blog post on the use of the Jumping logo”.

So let me start kindly and broadly. You all probably know the Jumping logo - the word “Jumping” with a figure in a circle above. This is what I can hear quite often.
But in fact, the logo consists of the word Jumping and there is a DOT ABOVE THE LETTER “I” :-D. And the figure is inside this dot:-D. And that’s it :-)

I know that this is not the best logo design but it has been around for quite some time now, being registered nearly half around the world and having gained brand awareness within the fitness community. So we are definitely not going to change it.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, the logo is registered which means that it is a trademark.
Therefore, it is not completely kosher if you download the logo and print it as you like on different things which you sell then. We have been closing our eyes for a long time but enough is enough.

Look at it from the opposite perspective… Can you imagine downloading the “NIKE” logo, printing it on T-shirts and selling it happily???

I think or at least I hope that I would not have to wait for your answer too long:-D. Well, so you know what I mean. Boys and girls, please …

Just a side note: we have registered also the figure and even the dot with the figure :-*.

This takes a lot of time, efforts and money. It takes a lot of nerve and aching feet as we beat a path for all those smart jumpers who “get inspired” by us to put it politely.

So at least those of you who chose Jumping which has been around since 2001, please respect this logo, do not “disassemble” it in any way, don’t move the dot over “M” or “P” :-D, don’t print the logo on clothing etc.

If you need or wish anything, please do not hesitate to write to me. We have always managed to sort things out together, haven’t we? :-)

Love, Jana :-*