Throw the old one away and get a new one!

Throw the old one away and get a new one!

A bit too strong statement to start my post with :-), perhaps I’m even risking my job now that I’m 35 :-D

OK, let me try again, more clearly: Give us your old trampolines. You’ll get new ones.

Yes. Yes!!!

Since we strive to maintain the high quality of the Jumping brand and the high quality of your Jumping lessons we have this fantastic offer for you.

As you have certainly noticed in our social media, we have come up with a total killer! We have created a trampoline with lovely pink mat.

Do you want to stand out from your clients or other Jumping centres? Then you simply must have (!) this trampoline. Give us your trampoline and get this cool thing in return.

I’m really completely amazed by this little pink wonder. Black mat with a green hem is beautiful. It’s decent and luxurious at the same time. BUT PINK mat combined with a black hem … is something completely different. So lively. So vivid. And it’s all about fitness.

We manufacture this awesome trampoline in our FLEXI (featuring a patented string suspension system with 54 eyelets) and EXCELLENT product lines.

This thing is really EXCELLENT… The trampoline is a little bit smaller but you can fold it in a 80 x 30 cm box. To me, there’s nothing else to say, right? :-D

Please let us know if you are interested in our new products.

You can e-mail directly to me or to the office:

Well, that’s all from me today I guess.

Take care :-)