I’m third way through my challenge but have an entire fitness lifetime ahead of me :-)

I’m third way through my challenge but have an entire fitness lifetime ahead of me :-)

Looking back at the last week’s developments, I can only conclude that the week was filled with everything you can imagine: workout, wine, pleasure, pain, laughter, tears and my son’s sickness in the end. A great climax :-)

So what exactly was happening … ?

Four gym workout sessions with my personal trainer Petr. Two of them were focused on the upper part of the body (due to my constant whining and whimpering over my still-aching and tired legs after the half marathon).

The third and fourth sessions were focused on the whole body. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, shoulder blade muscles, erectors, buttocks, inner thigh, back and front thigh muscles, and abdomen in thousands of ways ... :-D

When I think about it a little bit now I must say that I slacked a bit on final stretching. I feel so exhausted after workouts, want to take a shower so much that all I can do is a couple side swings, a forward bend, a back bend … and I’m done. I must improve this.

I’m of the opinion that stretching is necessary for muscles after workout. Especially for women. We could discuss all possible approaches to stretching all day. Every trainer has a different opinion. Interesting:-D

Back to exercise now … I also went swimming once: 1.1 km swim at a good pace brought me back to my young (this sounds horrible!) synchronized swimming days :-). That’s where my affection for swimming pools and swimming began.


On Saturday I wanted to work out with Petr. But man proposes, God disposes … My dear little son caught smallpox. Great…

So his mum is completely kaput. Sleepy and tired. Plus I’m finding out that I’ve never had smallpox before!!! WHAT A HORROR!

“Mrs Svobodová, you’ve never had smallpox before? Hmmm, just wait for 14 days. I feel really sorry for you. Adults have very low tolerance to it. High fever, a rash and blisters all over …”

All could say was: “Oh no, I cannot wait till I come down with smallpox, I have to take care of my child and the firm. And I’m going for holiday in two weeks.”

The doctor assured me that my situation is bad and that I can only wait :-D.

Don’t know how my mother found out, but you can get vaccinated within 72 hours after being infected.

YES!!! So I started to make one phone call after another just to end up where I started half an hour later. Wonderful.

Anyways: Janička never gives up easily so I’m vaccinated without waiting for smallpox death to come!

But I’m ordered to relax after the vaccination, no strain, no sunlight.

Plus my elder brother was celebrating his birthday so I went for a party. Of course I relaxed a bit, eat some goodies and drank some wine … :-). It was really hard to reject his offer: “My dear sister, I have a friend here who could give you a lift home” :-). You understand I couldn’t let my brother down and let him drink that wine alone :-)

It’s Monday today and I’ll have another gym training session with Petr in the afternoon again. I’m looking forward to it.

And a here’s a few notes on my diet:

I’m on no diet actually!!! But have my principles (which must be broken from time to time :-D)


- I work out with an empty stomach,

- first thing I take is 0.5 litre of fresh grapefruit juice and 0.5 litre of fresh celery juice,

- eat only in the morning,

- skip all side dishes,

- skip all pastry (do sandwiches at my brother’s birthday party really count?) :-)),

- for lunch and supper: all to be combined with vegetables – meat + vegetables, eggs + vegetables, fish + vegetables,

- drink fresh water which I mix with Isofruit sometimes,

- reduce my alcohol consumption to a minimum.

So that was my first week of the three week challenge “Is three weeks enough time?”

Keep your fingers crossed for me; I’ll keep the ball rolling…

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Love, Jana :-)