Is three weeks enough time?

Is three weeks enough time? 

I'm going for it. On Monday, June 3rd, I’m starting a personal challenge. 

The goal is to find out and actually prove that it’s never too late to start. 

Three weeks of transformation. Three weeks of training and diet control; three weeks of maintaining a drinking regime; three weeks of limiting my favourite beverage – wine.

I was already supposed to have a training session with my personal trainer Peter at 11 this morning. It looks like a weak start, but the truth is I ran a half-marathon on Saturday. Well, half of a half-marathon. My dear Zlatka and I egged each other on and went into it together. We ran the so-called “two run 10 + 11 km”. Zlatka ran 10 km, and I took care of the remaining 11.0975 km.

It was a great experience – the running was fantastic. My time was 1:07 hours – no great performance, but the main thing is to manage the whole race and then get home on your own two legs. I still felt great yesterday. But at night I almost couldn’t turn over in bed. I can barely walk. I can hardly crawl. The horror..... So, I’m canceling today’s training, but tomorrow I’m going to hit it hard.


I’m planning to: jump, lift weights, run, swim and enjoy some inline skating to relax. I'll walk a lot. I’ll treat myself to massages. 

And as you know, two-thirds of success is diet. That’s right. I know that too and very well. But, as easy as it sounds, it's harder to do. I really like to eat. I really like wine. I really like beer. I really like cappuccino. Oh well. 

No – I'll be hard on myself. 

So, I'll try to be as thorough as possible, but I won't overdo it. I’m going to show you these three weeks in a mode that can be handled and, what's more, you can live with so you can stay in shape and keep improving your condition. 


So, let's do it. I will publish my day on my Instagram account @jana_jumpingfitness, i.e. food, drinks, trainings ... but also lapses. 

I’m putting it all out there – hopefully I won’t make a fool of myself...