Without even realizing it I am sitting in a car, heading to Cologne, Germany, again.

What’s going on there? FIBO. I’m talking about the world’s biggest and most prestigious trade fair. And you know what??? We and Jumping have visited this trade fair already for the SEVENTH TIME this year!

If you are interested in fitness, wellness or simply are an active life style enthusiast, don’t hesitate and come along next year. I can tell you: IT’S WORTH SEEING. While writing these lines I’m coming to realize that I always only quickly run through all the trade fair halls. Even that is perhaps a too strong statement. There are millions of people on one square metre right when you’re just trying to get to the other side of the hall :-). FIBO is HUGE. But you get a map so it’s fine if you just know where you’re walking to. All you need then is to push your way through the crowd :-).

And now on Jumping.

There’s still more than a week left before Fibo starts but already now two fully loaded trucks are leaving the warehouse.

A day before the opening all our team members slowly show up one after another in studio apartments where we stay to meet and fine-tune last details. No need to say that details make perfection :) 

A well-deserved beer … and the morning comes.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Four days packed with music, sweat, hard work, aching legs but also filled with laughter, fun, and a relaxed atmosphere.

Our green and white, prominently hexagonal stand is placed in a hall called GROUP FITNESS. A nice spot, right next to the main stage with Piloxing, Zumba, Pound and others being our neighbours for the next four days.  

All participants including us take turns on the main stage in various cycles depending on how much they paid :-). Well, there’s no such thing as free lunch. Our legs hurt, we run out of energy … there’s an endless party going on at the stand. Amazed viewers with smart phones in their hands are recording everything they can while we are doing our best:-). We all know that it hurts but we all love this. A strange addiction, one might say.

In the evening we all meet over chilled beer to discuss events of the day, all shouting at the same time which is a good sign: we still have enough energy :-)
Unfortunately, another nostalgic closing is approaching :-)

We’ve spent the whole day together. All 26 of us!!! Yet we go for beer together again in the evening and we feel great.  

It’s these details which make the famous JUMPING TEAM. THE JUMPING FAMILY.

I am so proud of all of you. Everyone has their role in our team and everyone has their own life which writes a part of our Jumping story!!!

I love you and enjoy the time we can spend together …


Slightly nostalgically yours,