About Jumping


Jumping® is a dynamic fitness training system, conducted on specially developed Jumping® PROFI trampolines. The basis of Jumping is a combination of fast and slow jumps, dynamic sprints and power elements in combination with balancing elements for perfect cardio training. Jumping® courses are conducted by trained instructors that are holders of the Jumping® Basic Diploma, which is handled worldwide by professional Master trainers.

Jumping® is not tied to difficult choreography steps and is suitable for everyone” 

  • Jumping® has a favourable effect on the cardiovascular system, increases lung capacity and overall endurance.
  • Training on the trampolines enhances the complex strengthening of muscles throughout the body, and is thus suitable not only for all who are making an effort to find an effective weight reduction method or increase physical condition.
  • This type of fitness activity supports quick burning of fats, i.e. favourable weight loss and prevention of health complications, but is also suitable for convalescence after injury or in case of joint problems.

People who regularly take Jumping® exercises work longer, sleep better and feel more relaxed. Jumping® probably has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Thanks to the combination of entertaining exercise, motivating music and specific movements, you categorically experience an infusion of endorphins.

Jumping® is an ideal sport for shaping the body and has many inherent unique benefits, losing weight quickly as well as health benefits. Thanks to the soft fall into the trampoline netting, the joints are mainly spared.


Become a jumping® instructor

The first requirement for becoming an active Jumping instructor is - naturally - physical fitness, strength and conditioning.

If you are already active as a group instructor in some form, you can certainly adapt your knowledge and experience to Jumping. However, if you have had a career as, for example, a dancer, it is likely that you also already have a good basis for becoming a successful Jumping instructor.

The basic pre-requisite for providing Jumping courses is a successfully completed Jumping BASIC training program,in which you will learn the basic steps and the individual exercises.

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Story of jumping®



We conceived the Jumping® programme! We were 17 (Jana) and 21 years old (Tomas). ​​

Quite often, we are asked: “How did you get that idea? Why a trampoline?” Our story is ordinary. We both come from regular families from the South Bohemian city of Tabor. We led a completely normal life you can imagine with a high school girl and a fresh university student. Every day, we were going to a part-time job in the fitness centre after school.


We worked at the reception, as personal trainers and instructors. Every day, every weekend, the same thing again: school, work, learning for the school-leaving exam, examinations, admission exams for the university. However, one day was different. Our friend at the time came to us, dragging a horrible, creaky little trampoline and had a request...

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